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     Resin head trolling lure    

 Osprey trolling game rod. Deep drop rod unbreakable Spiral wrap blank spinning rod

 Big game trolling reel. 2 speed Trolling reel  

Underwater light for lures and traps

Special enbreakable fishing rods. 2 speeds spinning reels. Trolling lures and teasers. Soft and hard baits. Electronic fishing lights. Your one stop Fishing Supplies  


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Scale digital, Fish Lip Gripper,
Lure bags and Keepers. 
Rod holders, Rod Stands and Rod pod.
Filleting knife & Fishing Handy tool, Gimbal and harness
Bells and Gaff hook.Dissolve in water PVA netting for powder baits.
Landing net and Keeper. 
Digital scale with fish lip gripper. Scale with wt setting Digital scale with fish lip grippr - 0  to 25kg Rod pod for 4-6 rods with adjustable telescopic legs PV moulded hard rod bag carrier Rod pod. Extendable leg

Scales and Lip grippers    

Digital electronic scale ACHS029

3reading mode
kg. or lb or stones

Tare button feature
zero out the wt of the tray Capacity
0-50kg, 0-100kg,

For catch and release this feature will reduce damage to the fish lip.
ACHSP606: 21.6cm/8.5in
2 version: either 22kg/55lb or 11kg/25lb.
Stainless barrel- that can rotates 360 deg
this will reduce stress on the hand,.

Large capacity
fishing scale.
Click to enlarge

Digital scaleACHS030

2reading mode
kg. or lb
Extra feature: temperature reading function
Last weight hold function

Tare button feature
zero out the wt of the
tray or gambrel
Capacity: 0-5kg and 0-25kg


Weight set button.
Display with back light
Max reading 25kg/50lb
Digital scale with fish lip caliper.
Stainless jaw and barrel
Red ledlight weigt indicator.

Fishing scales.0-22kg
with zero setting button+1mtr measuring tape 

Model  ACSP605
digital fishing scale with fish lip gripper

**with 1 mtr tape mesure
** with Temperature function
**with  holding lock function
**Capacity: 25kg and 40kg
* *black or grey frame
in blister pack

Fish lip gripper. Spring scale
44kg with quick release lock
Stainless frame and spring
with last wt set ring

T bar spring scale
0-7kg, 0-11kg,
stainless material and anodized with
the following colour silver, dark blue.
light blue/ black

ACEH650 - Pistol grip fish lip gripper with
digital scale. 15.5cm/6in long.
Stainless  barrel and caliper.
max reading:

Floatable Fish lip gripper with special lightweight handle -floats when in water.
Handy pistol grip fish lip gripper
20cm/8in long.
Stainless barrel and gripper.

with lock button and 1mtr measuring tape 
Caliper Weighing scale  22kg
with 1mtr measuring tape


Filleting knife & Fishing Handy tools /Gimbal andharness

Filleting knife set : in a handy carrier pouch
2 filleting knifes+ 1serrated debone knife+1 scissor + cutting board +filleting knife sharpener.
 FilletingKnife/scissor blade: stainless 

Filleting knife  
Stainless filleting knife
with hard case 
3 knifes
:5in /6in/7.5in


Scale scraper, Floating handle length of blade 6in Total length:11in
Filleting knife 
Stainless filleting knife back of plate:

Fighting Butt for rods with Gimbals butt : ACB2826
Inner holes of the fighting adaptor can be customised
to suit. Std model dia fits all game rods gimbals


 ACG270S4-Width 270mm/10.0in .PVC
frame with soft EVA backing.360deg swivel

Optional extra line coiler with rod and reelseat;AC15075KT
AC150753 -Line coilerONLY
Line coiler
with a suction pad to enable the coiler
to be positioned at any angle. Line bail adustable tension  spring.Overall dimension : 15 x 15cm
LIne coiler can accomodate up to 4 standard spools of a goblin of 65mm width

Life bait and powder bait threader tools.
Bait-threader-ACGZ05  :
length 4in

Definition:35in--50in means
the protective padding is 35in wide with front
adjustable belt to cover  max waist line of 50 in 
Full back harness
 Model TSC
Deep padded back support 13 in deep.
Should strap with thick padding
TSC135: 35 in--50 in waist
TSC140: 40in--60in
TSC153: 53in--73in

ACG285A-Width 285mm/11.0in Alu frame with soft EVA backing
  ALQB200  : 8in alu. alloy multi function tool. This handy tool with  titanium alloy tool bit
has a large splitter head to plier open large size split ring. Cutter and crimper function. 

ACM09: 6in alu. alloy multi function tool. This handy tool with astainless tool bit
having a crimper, leaderline ferrule resizer, and line cutter.
Multi function tool available in a clampshell blister. Color availlable : red/blue/black/ silver.
All stainless version of this multi functions tool is available as an option.

ACG270S-Width 270mm/10.0in  PVC  
frame with soft EVA backing

ACG230-Width 230mm/9.0in   PVC frame with soft EVA backing
 RTS9550 : 9.5in wide x 5 in high hip gimbal belt
Flexible ABS material with EVA lining- easy on the
hip. Friction traction swivel gimbal socket.

Gimbals swivel socket
OURA1-Width 1Oin
OURA2 -- Width 9in

Gimbals with angle footing
OURA3-width 8in

 OURM1-18inch width can be fitted with hip harness if required

Reel shoulder support harness : AC392
 ACG195-Width 195mm/7.7in .
frame with soft EVA backing

ACG290AS-Width 295mm/11.5in Alu frame with soft EVA backing. Swivel- horizontal to vertical.

Lure bags andKeepers

 AC18410  Semi hard  rigid  PVC  bag. Pouch can accept lures up to 6in in length 

14.5in x 29in x 4 slots

Lure Bag with netting as backing, front heavy gauge clear PVC,

Model: PK2627-1
Width: 26cm/10.2in
single compartment
AC1950 : 19in x 5in
AC1965: 9in x 6.5in

11.8 x 11.8in
Lure bags1 slots


Dim: 42 x 15in
6 slots

The above is only a general sample
We also handle make to  order customised lure bag
Code: PK26127
lure Bag with netting as backing, front heavy gauge clear PVC,10.5in x 40inX 5 SLOT

Dim:12.5 x 10in
Lure bags 2 slots

Dimension:25.0 x 14.5in
Lure bags8 slots


 Dim:13in x 10.5   
Lure bags5 slots

sabiki keeper
sabiki keeper Model :
--22cm long
AC28615--28cm long

Rod stands / Pods/bags

 Stands available with 4 sets of screw heads.
rocker arm holder and alarm-- not included-
available as an extra 
ModelAC73119-4SH:2 sections tripod stand
ext height: 1.19m/4ft,
close height:29in

AC53118-4SH  :
3 sections tripod stand ext. height:
close height: 53cm/21in

AC12018LV-12  1.2m ext lenght, lever grip 
AC12018LV-15   1.5m ext lenght, lever grip  
AC12018LV-18   1.8m ext lenght, lever grip  
AC12020SV-12   1.2m ext lgt - Screw grip  
AC12020SV-15 1.5m ext lenght, Screw grip
AC12020SV-18 1.8m ext lenght, Screw grip
when ordering specify your preference
Y support or U support

Alu. rod rack. AC052
Designed for use on road shows and Exhibitions.
 Easy to dismantle Highly portable. Box only 4in high
Aluminium frame .
2 /3 sections telescopic.
AC73119:2 sect, tripod stand: Ext height:1.19m/4ft,
close:73cm/29in, arm:70cm

AC53118  3 sect, tripod stand: Ext height:1.18m/3.9ft,
close:53cm/21in, arm:70cm

Stand fully extended: 1.1mtr/42in x 2 section.
griper allows stand to be positively set at any position 
od pod,
a rocking rod rest, to ensure that the rod sits squarely  even when the front and rear stands is
not of the same level.
Or when the stand is not  vertical

Pair of plastic racks for rods
 8 rods per rack. 
Rack Height:60cm  Width:44cm
  OR  5 spinning/casting rods. OR  5 jigging rods.

10cm/4in inner dia rigid rod carrier.
Full ext. 183cm/72in

Rod extend extends in steps of 50mm/2in with lock.

Designed to Accomodate

3 trolling rods.

:PE material with a flexible but tough and hard surface to protect rods. Rod carrier bag designed tohandle 4 rodswith pockets for accessories. Tough luggage construction to handle throw around.Internal length:125cm/4.1ft.( enough room to accomodate 7ft x 2 sections rods.)

Internal width: 14.5cm/5.8in

Slot large enough to accept game rod
Plastic rod rack
Accommodates 16 rods.
Can be jointed in series to form a row.

3 partitions & 2 partitions rod
Code Length-inner Remarks
RB155170-2 1.50mtr 2partitions+ 3 side pockets
RB125170-2 1.25mtr 2partitions+ 3 side pockets
RB155170-3 1.50mtr 3partitions+ 3 side pockets
RB125170-3 1.25mtr 3partitions+ 3 side pockets
We also handle make to order length
Outside pockets for keeping landing net,
tackle boxes, tools.
Moulded casing using 1680D canvas with PVC moulding.

:PE material with a flexible but tough and hard surface to protect rods. Rod carrier bag designed tohandle 6 rodswith pockets for accessories. Tough luggage construction to handle throw around.Internal length:125cm/4.1ft.( enough room to accomodate 7ft x 2 sections rods.)

Internal width: 170cm/6.70in

    Landingnet/ etc/ bells

 TNS4536: Combination: 2pc of  Round head landing net head size50cm+  round head 36cm/14in head
2 net heads+ 1 handle
TNS5036-Combination Polygon head landing net: head size 50cm/20in.+Round head 36cm/14in
Stainless telescopic handle.
Close length :1m, Ext :1.8m
2 landing net heads and 1 handle.

Ext. length:1.65m/5.5ft. closed length:90cm/3ft
  Code: TN502135.
Triangle head: SS rim:. Front soft cord.
50cm wide /20in.  2 section tele handle
Push switch to collapse net.
Overall:1.35m/4.4ft  Handle length:90cm/3.0ft.
All Aluminium construction
Model 2: TN50165
Head same as above, But handle is longer.

  Handle ext length:1.8m/6.0ft
Gaff hook: 17cm/6.6in 
 Model TN22060GK
Landing net head: 55cm/22in.
Overall length:2.4m/7.8ft.
Netting depth:70cm/28in

Round clear Rigid PVC tube diameter ranging from Diameter: :11/16/20/25/30/38/42/50/62/75/83mm
 OR 0.5in/0.75/1.0/1.2/1.5/1.7/2/2.5/3/3.3in
small diameter as lure display tube. Large diameter as rod case.

End cap available in black/ white/ grey/ red.  
TNS4518-  Round head landing net:
head size 45cm/18in.
Stainless telescopic handle.
Close length :1m, Ext :1.8

Landing net
Handle: telescopic  Hexagon Alu thick wall tube: 2.0mtr/6.5ft
Head : 60cm/24in x 60cm/24in  x 60cm/24in
Net frame: ALu. alloy,  Aluminium toggle head
Toggle: alu casting.
Netting:  1) large diamond- polyester yarn
  2) hexagon fine

Gaff hook: 2 Sections x 1.6mtr/5.3ft
Black Handle close length 77cm/30in

ACR seriesG aff hook set with lure retriever.
Drop forged 316 stainless Gaff hook
with lure retriever combo.
Handle available in: 1.2m/4.0ft or 1.80m/6.0ft

6 sided polygon
38 x 50mm  / 48 x 60mm
1.5in x 2in / 1.9
Rectangular casing:
35x50/ 35x55/ 40x60/ 45x65/ 50x70
/ 60x80mm

OR1.4x2in/ 1.4x2.2in /1.6x2.4in
1.7x2.6in/ 2x2.8in/ 2.4x3.2in
in x 2.4in 
 Blue back light for night /low light reading.
Supply with a carrier bag 
  TNWN002 Landing net with digital scale on the handle.Display shows
1) weights in Kg/lb/oz. Max reading 25kg/55lb
2)Air Temperature read is available
3) Hold function.
1mtr Measuring tape on the handle. Water proof  circuit.

TNS5018-  Polygon head landing net:
 head size 50cm/20in.-
 Stainless telescopic handle.
 Close length :1m, Ext :1.8m

Alarm Bells with lights
Bell Diameter 14mm 16mm 18mm 22mm
Screw on single ACLS114 ACLS116 ACLS118 ACLS122
Screw on  twin bell ACLS214 ACLS216 ACLS218 ACLS222
Clip on single bell ACLC114 ACLC116 ACLC118 ACLC12

Oval shape tube:ideal as rod case.
Dim:/size: 35x50 /40x60/45x75 /50x70/ 50x85/ 60x100mm
1.4x2in/ 1.6x2.4in/ 1.8x3in/ 2x2.8in /2x3.3/ 2.4x4in
Code no

Specification for alarm bells




14/16/18/22mm dia x 1 bell, long crocodile mouth shape clip
14/16/18/22mm dia x 2 bell, long crocodile mouth shape clip
14/16/18/22mm dia bell x 1 bell with T clip


14/16/18/22mm dia bell x 2 bell with T clip
14mm/16mm/18mm/22mm bell with screw on clip -1 bell
14mm/16mm/18mm/22mm bell with screw on clip - 2 bell


14mm/16mm/18mm/22mm bell with insert for glow stick screw-on clip -1 bell
14mm/16mm/18mm/22mm bell with insert for glow stick screw-on clip - 2 bell
14/16/18/22Mm bell with plastic Y clip

14/16mm double-clip on rod bells
14/16mm single-clip on rod bells
14/16/18/22 single bell on nose clip
14/16/18/22 single bell on steel winged clip
14/16/18/22 twin bell on steel winged clip

Alarm Bells + bracket slot for glow sticks

Bell Diameter

14mm 16mm 18mm
Screw on type-single ACLG114 ACLG116 ACLG118
Screw on type twin bell ACLG214 ACLG216 ACLG218
This slip on bracket fits rod with a tip up to 3.5mm

: 25mm dia PVA.netting in a spool of 5mtr
ACVAS375: 37mm dia PVA. netting in a spool of 5mtr 
Also available netting in pack of 1mtr/2mtr/3mtr
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