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     Resin head trolling lure    

 Osprey trolling game rod. Deep drop rod unbreakable Spiral wrap blank spinning rod

 Big game trolling reel. 2 speed Trolling reel  

Underwater light for lures and traps

Special enbreakable fishing rods. 2 speeds spinning reels. Trolling lures and teasers. Soft and hard baits. Electronic fishing lights. Your one stop Fishing Supplies  


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Highly durable and flexible TSR material Soft Baits. Softbaits for saltwater fishing.-Pg1
Softbaits: cuttlefish/ squids/crabs/prawns and krills and eel.

 Osprey softbaits Flying fish. Osprey softbaits. Softbaits Lobster with saddle for  jerkbait  

Code Length
L10316-7.5 7.5cm/3.0in
L10316-12.5 12.5cm/5.0in
L10316-16.5 16.5cm/6.5in
L10316-22 22.0cm/8.5in
Sofbaits :Squid with transulent body
Code Length
LWX052-80 8cm/3in
LWX052-100 10cm/4in
LWX052-120 12cm/5in
LWX052-150 15cm/6in
LWX052-180 18cm/7in
LWX052-200 20cm/8in

Hollow body softbaits squid with UV
Code Length
10039-9 9in /23cm
10039-12 12in/31cm 

Softbaits- minnow with a curly tail
Code length
LWX024K 9.5cm/3.7in x 6g


LWX051-75 7.5cm/3in
LWX051-90 9.0cm/3.5in
LWX051-120 12cm/4in


code size
LWX5811 12cm/4.7in x 8.3g/0.3oz

SoftbaIts- with Internal color 
Code size
LWX5625 9.0cm/3.5in x 2g

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 Softbaits:Large Eel 

LWX5830 : 12in/30cm eel . Scented and unscented softbait.Available rigged or unrigged 
Soft gel flying fish code nos.
 10380-10--10cm/4in (60gm)
 10380-21--21cm/8.5in (94gm)
 10380-36--36cm/14in (426gm)
Spercial super stretch sea worms.
Stretch to 3 times it's original length
LTPEW50 : 5in/127mm, LTPEW70:7in/178mm
LTPEW100  :10in/250mm 
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Softbaits-bugs with internal color

Code size
LWX5627 7.5cm/ x 7.3g
LWX5629 7.5cm/ x 6.4g
Code Length
LWX5602 6.0cm/2.4in x 2.2g


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