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Osprey squid jig,Prawn shape squid jig. Jumping prawn squid jig.
Squid jig with glow in the dark belly and with soft silicone legs.

Glow in the dark rocker weight stabliser on all squid jigs. 
Squid jig fitted with X strong spider hook.

 Osprey squid jig. Prawn shape squid jig. Squid jig with a rocking swim action. Soft silicone legs on the squid jig.

 Suid Jig with silicone legs.
Squid jigs-Prawn shape with reflective pattern
Code Stabliser wt Total Wt Overall length
LU002-12 3.0g 12g/0.4oz 75mm/3.0in
LU002-21 3.5g 21g/0.8oz 92mm/3.6in
Sinnking rate: 3-4.0m/se

Squid jig-Tuber soft plastic body

Code Total Wt Overall length
TYP10 13.9g/0.5oz 8.5cm/3.3in
TYP11 20.8g/0.75oz 9.7cm/3.8in
TYP13 21.9G/0.8oz 10.0cm/3.9in
TYP15 44.1g/1.6oz 14cm/5.5in

Squid jigs hard plastic body with silk covering.color #F07
Code Stabiliser wt Total Wt Overall length
SJJSU20 2.0g 14g/0.5oz 8cm/3.1in
SJJSU25 2.5g 18g/0.6oz 10cm/3.9in
SJJSU30 3.0g 22g/0.8oz 12.0cm/4.7in
SJJSU35 3.5g 26.0g/0.9oz 13.5cm/5.3in
SJJSU40 4.0g 30g/1.1oz 15.0cm/5.9in
SJJSU45 4.5g 34g/1.2oz 16.5cm/6.5in

Color patterns View gallery below

Squid jigs color #F03-Braided Dacron anchor link
Code Stabiliser wt Total Wt Overall length
SJFG20 2.0g 14g/0.5oz 8cm/3.1in
SJFG25 2.5g 18g/0.6oz 10cm/3.9in
SJFG30 3.0g 22g/0.8oz 12.0cm/4.7in
SJFG35 3.5g 26.0g/0.9oz 13.5cm/5.3in
SJFG40 4.0g 30g/1.1oz 15.0cm/5.9in
SJFG45 4.5g 34g/1.2oz 16.5cm/6.5in
SJFG50 5.0g 38g/1.4oz 18.0cm/7.1in

Squid jigs- hard plastic painted body colof #J1
Code Stabiliser wt Total Wt Overall length
SJZJ25 2.5g 18g/0.6oz 10cm/3.9in
SJZJ30 3.0g 22g/0.8oz 12.0cm/4.7in
SJZJ35 3.5g 26.0g/0.9oz 13.5cm/5.3in
SJZJ40 4.0g 30g/1.1oz 15.0cm/5.9in
SJZJ45 4.5g 34g/1.2oz 16.5cm/6.5in

Electronic squid jig- auto off.
code Stabliser wt Overall wt Length
SJDZ25 2.5g 17.6g/0.6oz 9.4cm/3.7in
SJDZ30 3.0g 18g/0.65oz 10.8cm/4.3in
SJDZ35 3.5g 21.8g/0.8oz 12.7cm/5.0in
SJDZ40 4.0g 30.1g/1.1oz 14cm/5.5in
SJDZ45 4.5g 33g/1.2oz 16cm/6.3in
Flashing lights: in 3 colors  cycle - Green/yellow/orange/ /red/blue/pink/
Body colour::5

3 steps toggle switch*On steady light
*flashing light & Off
Electronic Squid jig.
Model LRB01
Led light Color available : Clear/ blue/ red/green/yellow
Each led light set composte of 2 led lights:, and this lights can be customised to suit your requirement.'
Electronic squid jig: LRB01 light casing only
LBRSK78- light casing  with spider hook
LBR04: casing with squid rig
LBR04-1 casing with rig

 Color patterns for Squid jigs

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