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Swimbaits with a true life like swim action. Osprey soft serrated body swimbaits.

Osprey super stretch and highly flexible swimbaits for ocean fishing.

Trout, eel, perch and sardine, minnow and pike swimbaits. Swimbaits from 2-8in
Osprey swimbaits with a lead fish head. Swimbaits with single and trailing treble hook Osprey soft eel swimbaits. Rigged and unrigged swimbaits

Serrated body swimbaits.
Hooks are wire rigged to leader line anchor
at the lip.This ensure the hooks remain in placed on the leader link ring even when body breaks off.
Code Length Wt
LWX5662-95 9.5cm/375in 12g/0.4oz
LWX5662-115 11.5cm/4.5in 18g/0.65oz
LWX5662-25 25cm/9.8in 185g/6.6oz
LWX5662-30 30cm/11.8n 318/11.4oz
   Serrated body Pike swimbait 
code  Length
LSF10264-30 30cm/12in,246g,hook 2x7/0
LSF10264-25 25cm/10in,103g hook 2x5/0
LSF10264-20  20cm/7.8in,70g,hook 2x3/0
LSF10264-15 15cm/6in, 32g, hook 2x1/0
   Full body Pike swimbaits 
Code  Length
LWX5562-100 10cm/4.0in wt; 14.5g
LWX5562-120 12cm/5.0in wt:26.5g
LWX5562-140 14cm/5.5in, wt:34.8g

Minnow swimbaits with a fan tail
Code Length Wt
LWX5558-60 6.0cm/2.0in 8.0/0.3oz
LWX5558-80 8.0cm/3.0in 14.0g/0.5oz
LWX5558-100 10.0cm/4.0in 23.7g/0.9oz
LWX5558-120 12.0cm/5.0in 37.0g/1.4oz

Minnow swimbaits
Code Length
LWX5555-60 6cm/2in Wt:5.0g
LWX5555-80 8cm/3in. Wt:8.5g
LWX5555-100 10cm/4in. Wt:20.0g

Soft body swimbaits
Code Length Wt
LWX5550-80 8.0cm/3.0in 12.3g/0.5oz
LWX5550-100 10.0cm/4.0in 23.3g/0.84oz
LWX5550-120 12.0cm/5.0in 33.0g/1.2o

Soft body minnow swimbaits

Code Length Wt
LWX5557-80 8cm/3.0in 14.5g/0.5oz
LWX5557-100 10cm/4.0in 32.5g/1.2oz

Eel swimbaits with jighead
Code length Wt
LE9001-12 12cm/4.7in 16g/0.6oz

Eel swimbaits
Code Length Wt
LBTW5-15 15cm/5.9n 27g/1.0z

Through wire system swimbait
Code Length Wt
LKCZ305-7 7.0cm/2.8in 10g/0.4oz
LKCZ305-10 10.0cm/3.9in 18g/0.65oz
LKCZ305-12 12.0cm/4.7in 30g/1.1oz
Full body swimbaits- 2 x treble hook 
Code Length Wt
LKCZ304-6 6.0cm/2.4in 16g/0.6oz
LKCZ304-45 4.5cm/1.8in 12g/0.4oz
LKCZ303-7 7.0cm/2.8in 10g/0.4oz
Minnow swimbaits 
Code length Wt
LWX5564-60 6cm/2.0in 8.5g/0.3oz
LWX5564-80 8cm/3.0in 11.0g/0.4oz
LWX5566-100 10cm/4in 22.0g/0.8oz
   Minnow swimbaits 
Code length Wt Hook size
LWX5566-60 6cm/2.0in 5.5g/0.2oz #6
LWX5566-80 8cm/3.0in 12.8g/0.45oz #6
LWX5566-100 10cm/4in 20.0g/0.7oz #5
LWX5566-140 14cm/5.5in 36.0g/1.3oz #3
LWX5566-200 20cm/8.0in 115.4g/4.2oz #2/0
Fitted with 2 hooks : jig hook+ 1 treble

Whit- swimbaits-imbedded treble at the tail
Code  Length
LWX5559-80 8cm/3.0in  2 Treble hook #1+#6 -17.0g
LWX5559-100 10cm/4in 2 Treble #2/0+#1-27g
LWX5559-120 12cm/5in 2 Treble #3/0 + #1/0-37g

Soft swimbaits- treble+jig hooks

Code Length Wt Hook Size
LWX5553-64 6.4cm/2.0in 8.0g #6+#3
LWX5553-86 8.6cm/3in 18.0g #4+1/0
LWX5553-120 12.5cm/5.0in 29.0g #1+4/0

Soft body swmbaits
Code Length Wt


LWX5551-80  8.0cm/3.0in  14.4g/0.5oz 








   Popper swimbaits 
Code Length Hook size WT:
LWX5660-120 12cm/5in 1/0 16.5g

Trout swimbaits  
Code length Hook size Wt
LWX5579 20cm/7.8in - 114g
LWX5579R 20cm/7.8in #2+6/0 135g

Sardine swim baits
Code length Wt Hook size
L10448-25 25cm/10in 220g/8oz 10/0
L10448-18 18cm/7.1in 140g/5oz 6/0

Swimbaits/Jerk bait-Mud skipper

Code Length WT:
LJTC54 24cm/9.5in 290g/10

Swimbaits/jerk bait-Eel

Code Length WT:
LJTC52 19cm/7in 60g/2oz

Swimbait/Jerk bait-Island Kelpfish

Code Length WT:
LJTC51-30 30cm/12in 450g/16oz
LJTC51-40 40cm/15.7in 750g/27oz
Color patterns FOR LJTC series- click this link

Perch swimbaits
Code Length Hook size WT:
LWX5561-60 6cm

#1/0+ #8 treble

LWX5561-80 8cm #3/0+#4 treble 21.0g


10cm #5/0+ #3 treble 35.6g

Soft swimbaits with shad tail
Code Length Wt Hook Size
LWX5552-64 6.4cm/2.0in 8.0g #6+#3
LWX5552-86 8.6cm/3in 17.0g #4+1/0
LWX5552-120 12.5cm/5.0in 27.0g #1+4/0

Soft body swimbaits
Code Length Wt
LWX5565-60 6.0cm/2.0in 6.7g/0.25oz


LWX5565-100 10.0cm/4.0in 22.0g/0.8oz
   Soft body swimbaits
Code Length Wt
LWX5556-80 8.0cm/3in 16.5g/0.6oz
LWX5556-100 10.0m/4.0in 33.0g/1.2oz


Soft swimbaits,rattle ball within head

Code Length Wt: Hook size
LGMM85 8.5cm/3.4in 18g/0.6oz #1& #6
LGMM100 10.0cm/4.0in 29g/1.0oz #1/0& #4

Soft swimbaits with rattle ball within head
Code Length Wt: Hook size
LMPS85 8.5cm/3.4in 11g/0.4oz  #6
LMPS100 10.0cm/4.0in 18g/0.65oz  #4

Soft swimbaits with rattle ball within head 
Code Length Wt: Hook size
LMGTS90 9.0cm/3.5in 16g/0.6oz #1& #6
LMGTS115 11.5cm/4.5in 22g/0.8oz #1/0 & #4

Soft swimbaits with rattle ball within head 
Code Length Wt: Hook size
LMGS90 9.0cm/3.5in 9g/0.3oz  #6
LMGS115 11.5cm/4.5in 15g/0.5oz  #4
Color range for the above 4 model swimbaits 
Swimbaits  with shad tail 
Code Length Hook size WT:
LWX5554-60 6cm #1/0+ #8 treble 9.7g
LWX5554-80 8cm #3/0+#4 treble 21.0g


10cm #5/0+ #3 treble 35.6g

Soft swimbaits -bait fish
Code Length Wt Hook Size
LWX5560-80 8cm/3.0in 13.0g/0.5oz #3
LWX5560-100 10cm/4.0in 19g/0.7oz 3/0

Soft body swimbaits
Code Length Wt
LWX55563-60 6.0cm/2.0in 7.8g/0.3oz




Click to view 8in octopus in action on You Tube.

Super stretch UV Octopus Jerkbait
Code Size hook nos
LSQ06TP 13cm/5.1in
LSQ060-TPS-8  20cm/8in   

Rigged with Hooks Jerkbait with UV or glow in the dark

LSQ06-1430 13cm/5.1in 14g &3/0
Special swim saddle for octopus swimbaits
Watch in You tube

40g saddle with assist hook
60g saddle with assist hook

Color patterns for LJTC Series

click on thumbnail to enlarge

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