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     Resin head trolling lure    

 Osprey trolling game rod. Deep drop rod unbreakable Spiral wrap blank spinning rod

 Big game trolling reel. 2 speed Trolling reel  

Underwater light for lures and traps

Special enbreakable fishing rods. 2 speeds spinning reels. Trolling lures and teasers. Soft and hard baits. Electronic fishing lights. Your one stop Fishing Supplies  


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Osprey Vibe lure. Vibe lure for jigging in deep or shallow water.
Vibe lure with stainless back blade.
Soft plastic Jerkbait prawn, squid and crayfish jerkbait. Frog jerkbait

 Osprey frog jerkbait. Frog jerkbait with silicone skirt leg.  Electronic vibe with auto off light. Vibe with waterrproof ledlight. 8in  octopus chase bait or swimbait  with saddle

Osprey Vibe LJV240. vibration lures for deep water jigging 
240g/8.6oz x 125mm/5in Vibe lures. Vibe lure with stainless blade and fitted with 2 x 8/0 hooks   

Stainless Vibe lures model LJV06
6.0g x 35mm.
8.0g x 35mm
12g x 45mm

Stainless Vibe lures model  LJG07and sizes
LJG07-15-----15g x 55mm
LJG07-10----10g x 45mm

Stainless Vibe lures model LJV100
3.5g x 35mm.
5.0g x 35mm
12g x 55mm

Color charts for vibe lures LJ07/LJV100/LJV06

Auto off Vibe- single color or treble color
 Code nos  Size  system
LL202-33  33gm x 80mm long  Auto off
Led lights colors : Red/blue/green/white.
Singple color or treble color flashing system
Mode: flashing. Max life span:200hrs

Brass body Rocking jerkbait,Stainless belly wt
Code nos wt hook size length
LS58-9 9g 10# 5cm
LS58-12 12g 10# 5.5cm
LS58-5 5g 10# 4cm
Soft Jerkbait-mirrow
Code size
LWX5619 9.0cm/3.5in x  8g

Soft jerkbaIt- Pupa with Internal color 
Code size
LWX5625 9.0cm/3.5in x 2g


Soft jerkbait :leech

Code Length
LWX5606-7.5 7.5cm/3.0in x 2.5g
LWX5606-10.5 10.5cm/4.2in x 6.4g
Soft jerkbait :Nymph
Code Length
LWX5602 6.0cm/2.4in x 2.2g

Soft jerkbait minnow with flipper tail
LWX5610 13.5cm/ x 10.3g
Soft jerkbait- with internal color
Code length
LWX5615 9.5cm/3.7in x 6.2g

Soft jerkbait Seaworm

Code length
LWX5620 9.0cm/3.5in x 5.2g

Soft jerkbait-slug

Code length
LWX5631 7.5cm/3.0in x 2.8g

 Fish soft jerkbait
Code: size
LWX048-60 6cm/2in-2.2g
LWX048-75  7.5cm/3in-4.1g 
LWX048-95  9.5cm/4in-6.0g 
LWX048-105 10.5cm/5in-9.6g 

Soft baits: nymph with internal color
code Size
LWX5611 8cm/3.2in x 2.0g
LWX5616 8.5cm/3.4in x 2.8g

Jerkbait with adjustable lead wt. hook 2

code WT Overall length
L1016LD-11 16g 11cm
L1016LD-9 13g 9cm


Crayfish jerkbait with Zinc/lead stabliser weight:35g/1.2oz. Total weight:37/g1.3oz.Fitted with VMC hook

Special Dancing Jerkbait
Code nos Length Wt
LS16812-80 8.5in skirt 80g
LS16812-90 8.5in skirt 90g
LS16812-100 10.0in skirt 100g
LS16812-110 10.0in skirt 110g
LS16812-120 10.0in skirt 120g
Set complete with tandem assist hooks. Packed in a zip lock alu foil pack  

Hard Prawn -Jerkbait
Code Nos  Spec.
L126-8 8cm/ 3.2in , hook #8 x2
L126-10 10cm/4in, hook #6 x 2
Color selection can be customised to suit

Jerkbait with spinner bait skirt
Code nos Length Wt Hooks size
LWX053-100 14.0cm/5.5in 12g/0.4oz


Jerkbait soft prawn rigged with 5/0 hooks
Code WT Overall length
LR9000 6.7g 10cm
LR9050 9.2g 11cm
LR90180 9.7g 19cm
LR90180 rigged with glow bead on a 9cm Stainless leader- as per image

Jigging jerkbait-Squid
Code nos Length Wt Hooks size
L23569 23.5cm/9.3in 69g/2.5oz

3/0 treble+5/0 assist hook

Soft minnow Jerkbait
Code Length
LWX5626RT-7.2 7.2cm /2.8in x 1.5g
LWX5626RT-9 9cm/3.5in x 5.2g
LWX5626ST-13 13cm/5.2in x 13g
LWX5626TT-13.2 13.2cm/5.3in x 9.2g

Soft jerkbait with a rat tail 
Code length
LWX5609 13cm/5.2in x 9.5g

Soft jerkbait Lymph : 35mm body length.
overall length:70mm. With channel for jig hook 

 Soft gel Lymph : 35mm body length.
overall length:70mm. With channel for jig hooks

Soft jerkbait- tadpole

Code size
LWX024S 7cm/2.8ion x 3g
LWX5600 6cm/2.4in x 1g
For more soft bait  click this link

LWX5830 : 12in/30cm Eel jerkbait. Available rigged or Unrigged. Option: scented if required.


8cm nymph jerkbait with detachable 4/0claw hook.
Body has a very tight to the hook.3pc/pk with 1 claw hook

Click to view 8in octopus in action on You Tube.

Super stretch UV Octopus Jerkbait
Code Size hook nos
LSQ06TP 13cm/5.1in
LSQ060-TPS-8  20cm/8in   

Rigged with Hooks Jerkbait with UV or glow in the dark

LSQ06-1430 13cm/5.1in 14g &3/0
Special swim saddle for octopus swimbaits
Watch in You tube

40g saddle with assist hook
60g saddle with assist hook

Jerk bait make from buck tail hair

 and rabbit skin length:26cm
Code nos Spec.
LBT26-20 20g x 26cm
LBT26-23 23g x 26cm
LBT26-26 26g x 26cm
LBT26-30 30g x 26cm

Life like top/ mid level 
Code Length
LS10281 15cm/6in



LFF11 50mm/2.0in x 12.0g
Surface swimmer-soft chicks jerkbait
LN19 : 70mm/2.8in x 16.0g/0.6oz.
LN20 :45mm/1.8in x 9.0g/0.32oz.
Soft jerkbait-minnow
Code length
LWX5614 13.5cm/5.3in x 13g

Soft jerkbait-minnow
Code length
LWX5613 13.5cm/5.3in--10g

Soft jerkbait-salamander
Code length
LWXZ03-145 14.5cm/5.7in x 9.2g/.3oz

Soft jerkbait-Shad 10042-43
Code Length
LWX5617 10.5cm/4.1in x 5.2g

Soft jerkbait- shads with internal color
 Code: size
LWX024X  6.5cm/2.6in x 3.7g

Soft jerkbait- minnow with shad tail
 Code: size
LWX6001  18.0cm/7.1in x 27g/1.0oz

Soft baits- Soft serrated body Popper 
 Code: size
LWX5660  12.0cm/4.7in x 17g/0.6oz

Soft baits :Tadpole
Code Length
LWX5622 6.5cm/2.6in x 2.3g

  Frogs jerkbait 



LFF23 50mm/2.0in x 14.0g



LFF12 55mm/ 2.1in x 13.0g

: Jumping action frog.
Soft jerkbait:50mm/2in x 9g/0.3oz
Osprey soft plastic frgo with silicone bait legs
LFF32 :Skirting action jerkbait.
dim: 45mm/1.8in x 7g/0.25oz
 Osprey softbait/ jerkbait  frog with silicone skirt legs
LN04 :Surface jerkbait
dim:45mm/1.8in x 11g/0.39o

Frog jerk baits


LFF52 40mm/1.7in x 6.0g

  Jerk bait



LFF65 45mm/ 1.8in x 9.0g
LFF40 45mm/1.8in x 8.0g
LFF51 40mm/1.7in x 6.0g

:soft body Tadpole Jerkbait
with flasher spinner blade.
Dim:45mm/1.8in x 8g/0.28oz.

Frog jerk baits



LFF30 55mm/ 2.1in x 13.0g
LFF29 50mm/2.0in x 13.0g
LFF39 45mm/1.8in x 8.0g

Frog  jerk bait


LFF48 40mm/ 1.60in x 60g

Soft chick jerkbait,with feather wings
LN19 :70mm/2.8in x 16.0g/0.6oz.
LN20 :45mm/1.8in x 9.0g/0.32oz. 

Frogs jer


LFF66 35mm/ 1.4in x 5.6g
LFF67 45mm/1.8in x 9.0g
LFF04 50mm/1.7in x 13.0g

LFF46 : soft frog jerkbait.
dim: 60mm/2.4in x 17g/0.6oz. 

Soft Frog jerkbait with Jumper legs
LNT02 : 55mm/2.2in x 14.5g/0.50oz.
LNT04 :45mm/1.8in x 11.5g/0.40oz.
LNT05 :45mm/1.8in x 11.0g/0.39oz. 

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