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     Resin head trolling lure    

 Osprey trolling game rod. Deep drop rod unbreakable Spiral wrap blank spinning rod

 Big game trolling reel. 2 speed Trolling reel  

Underwater light for lures and traps

Special enbreakable fishing rods. 2 speeds spinning reels. Trolling lures and teasers. Soft and hard baits. Electronic fishing lights. Your one stop Fishing Supplies  


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Osprey Carp and Surf rods. Carp and Surf rods in composite or fibreglass blank. Spinning carp an surf rods in 2~3sections.
Osprey 3 sections Carp rods. High carbon spinning carp rods Osprey Fibreglass surf rods. Surf rods from 9 to 15ft. 3 section sur rods with collapsible guides. Osprey 3 section carp rods. High carbon blank carp rods. Carp rods from 2.5 to 3.5lbs

 Carbon and fibreglass Surf rods. Surf rods from 3m to 4.5m. 

2 section. Carbon composite surf rods.
Length: 10ft/3.0m &10.6ft/3.2m
Series RGS31032c. Cast weight : 100~20g

3 sections. Carbon surf rods.
1st guide -Large Collapsible closing guide
Heavy action: Cast weight:150-300g
Series :RGF37058C . Length: 13ft, 14ft, 15ft.

2 sections Carbon Surf rods.
Series: RGS31038-3002-10ft, cast weight: 220~280g
           RGS31038-3602-12ft, cast weight: 100~170g  

3 sections. Fibreglass surf rods. Cast weight:100-200g
1st guide -Large Collapsible closing guide
Series :RFS3903, Length: 3.6m/12ft,  & 3.9m/13ft 
3 sections. Carbon composite surf rods.
Cast weight :100~200g.
1st guide -Large Collapsible closing guide
Series: RGF37057.Length:12ft/3.65m,13ft/3.96m

2 sections :Carbon surf rods, with cork handle grip.
Series :RG31039c.Length:12ft./3.6m Cast weight:50-150g

3 sections Fibreglass Surf rods. Color pattern Blank.
Cast weight: 100-150g. Eva handle grip
Series RF37003 : Length: 13ft/3.9m, 14ft/4.2m, 15ft/4.5m

3 sections. High modulus graphite surf rods. Alu cap reinforcement on each section. Cast weigth:100-200g
1st guide -Large Collapsible closing guide.
Series: RGF100200 . Length : 3.9m/13ft & 4.2m/14ft

3 sections ; Epoxy composite blank surf rods.
1st guide -Large Collapsible closing guide.
Series REF37002. Length :2.7m/9ft,3.0m/10ft, 3.3m/11ft, 3.6m/12ft. Cast weight:80~150g/ 3-6oz

   Carp Spinning Rods. Carp rods from 11ft/3.3m to 13ft/3.9m

2 sections Carbon Carp rods.Action:3lb.
Series :RG31035c. Length : 12ft & 13ft.

3 Sections Carbon Carp rod with Autumn leaves patterns.
Heavy duty Alu reelseat. Layback Titanium oxide insert guides.
Series : RGS33063. Length:11.0ft/3.3m. Action: 2.5lbs.

2 sections Fibreglass Carp rods.Action:2.5lb.
Series :RGS33134G. Length : 12ft/3.6m. 

2 sections Carbon Carp rods:  Action: 2.3/4lb
Series RGS31043C-. Length 11ft & 12ft.

Heavy Action 2sections Carbon Carp rod:Action:3.5lb
Series: RGS33062C. Length: 12ft/3.6m  
3 sections Carbon Carp rods.
Series RG33033c-3303.--11ft x 2.5lb.
          RG33033c-3603.--12ft x 3.0lb.
          RG33033c-3903.--13ft x 3.0lb. 

2sections Carbon Carp rods. Action : 3.0lbs.
Series RG33042c. Length : 12ft/3.6m & 13ft/3.9m. 


Spinning rods
Surf & Carp rods
Casting rods
Jigging rods
Telescopic rods.
Crappie Hand pole
Fly rods.
Sabiki rods N squid rods

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