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Osprey Baitrunner /Surf casting reels. Baitrunner / surf casting reels from #30000~6000. 1 speed and 2 speeds Baitrunner

  • Baitrunner with High retrieval speed.

  • Baitrunner with Front and rear drag and easy to set drage change over lever.

  • Baitrunner with anti shine drag disc.

    • osprey 2 speeds baitrunner / surf spinning reels. Baitrunner available in either 1 or 2 speeds Osprey Surf casting reels with front and rear drag. Surf casting reels with Stainlless bb

    Baitrunner is available in either 1single or 2 speeds versions

Surf casting baitrunner  Gear ratio: 4.1:1
Code Spool 
RS3FRA6-#70 0.40/340, 0.48/230, 0.52/180

6lb/340yd, 8lb/230yd, 10/180yd

RS3FRA6-#80 0.48/260, 0.52/210, 0.6/170 8lb/260, 10/210, 12lb/170yd
Surf casting baitrunner:bb from 6 to 13,stainless main shaft, worm drive system, anti reverse clutch fitted. Alu handle with large knob

8bb baitrunner.
Code nos.

Gear ratio

Line - mm/mtr (LB/YD)

RTFRA-40A8 5.5:1


0.30/180, 035/120, 0.40/100,  
8lb/2220yd,10lb/165yd, 12lb/130yd
RTFRA-50A8 0.35/180, 0.40/140, 0.50/100
10lb/275yd, 12lb/220yd, 15lb/160yd    
RTFRA-60A8 0.40/220, 0.50/140, 0.60/100
16lb/220yd, 20lb/170yd, 24lb/140yd  

Baitrunner reel Series : RJ3FR
Gear  ratio:#2~#03:5.01:1 and   #40~#60:5.5:1.
Baitrunner features :Ball race from 6-10bb,
Alu handle knob, Heavy duty bail arm. Alu spool. Anti reverse clutchSpooling capacity-Hoover on spool image

2 speed baitrunner.
2 speed Baitrunner with BB 6. 6+1 to 10+1.
Baitrunner has a max drag in excess of 10kg

  • Baitrunner with scratch resistance surface. Coated with automobile grade paint.
Baitrunner with sealed for life bearings Standard6+1
Fitted with Heavy duty bale arm with line out holder coated with hardened Titanium oxide.
Baitrunner size from #4 To 6
Brass pinion, stainless spindle and alu alloy change.
Large EVA knob on all baitrunner
Osprey 2 speeds baitrunner. Baitrunner with quick gear change knon at the handle
Free runner spinning reelsGear : 5.5 :1
Code Spool capacity mm/mtr
R3FR4000G4  0.30/180, 0.35/120, 0.40/100,  
 8lb/220yd,  10lb/165yd, 12lb/130yd
R3FR5000G4 0.35/180, 0.40/140, 0.50/100, 
10lb/275yd, 12lb/220yd, 15lb/160yd
Graphite spool Ball Race:4  Anti reverse clutch fitted
Baitrunner also available in alu spool versions with 6BB

 Fishing Reels.
 2 speeds spinning & bait runner
 Baitrunner & Surf reels
 Baitcasting Reel
 Conventional Boat/mulitplier reel.
 Trolling/Big Game reel
 Jigging reels
 Fly reels from #3/4 to 9/10. Fly reels fitted with anti reverse bearing.

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