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 Big game trolling reel. 2 speed Trolling reel  

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Osprey conventional boat reel. Multiplier reel. Boat Casting reel with Stainless bearings. Conventional boat reel with line counter.

  • High spooling capacity boat reel:

  • Conventional reel with corrosion resistance components.

  • Conventional multiplier reel for saltwater.

  • Boat reel with line counter.

  • Conventional boat reel having spools and body in high grade aluminium.

Thruster brake system for conventional boat reel. Positive braking system for conventional reel in wet conditions Osprey conventional boat reel. Boat reel with thruster brake system Conventional boat reel with line counter. Boat reel line counter in mtrs or yards

Conventional Boat reel with thruster drag SeriesRBH3
All stainless BB & components Stainless pinion & drive gear

 Capacity lb/yd

RBH330  30lb/300yds 
RBH338 30lb/380yds  
RBH346 50lb/600yds  
Gear ratio:#330:4.91:1, #338:4.8:1  #346- 4.6:1 

3+1bb  Alu spool and frame, trolling /jigging reel.

All Stainless gears. With counter+ line spreader


 Capacity-mm/mtr &lb/yd

20lb/180yd , 25lb/105yd,0.40mm/460m, 0.45mm/330m 
GCT2045C  20lb/240yd , 25lb/165yd,0.40mm/660m, 0.45mm/520m  
Conventional Boat reels :Max drag: 8kg  Color : blue/black/golden side plate cover. Gear ratio: 3.8:1
 Boat reel without counter NO line spreader 
Code NO   Capacity-mm/mtr &lb/yd
 GCT2030  20lb/180yd , 25lb/105yd,0.40mm/460m, 0.45mm/330m  
GCT2045 20lb/240yd , 25lb/165yd,0.40mm/660m, 0.45mm/520m  

Boat reel with Lever drag system..
Average line retrieve / crank : 2.6ft/0.8m
SeriesLD9000. Gear ration :3.4:1. 8 Stainless BB
Line capacity : 30lb/400yd. 22lb/475yd, 20lb/560yd
                      0.60/430m, 0.55/ 510m.

3+1bb  Alu. alloy CNC machined Conventional boat reel with line spreader  

 Capacity-mm/mtr & lb/yd

10lb/280yd , 15lb/215yd,0.35mm/258m, 0.40mm/197m 
15lb/430yd , 25lb/310yd,0.40mm/390m, 0.45mm/286m  
20lb/430yd , 25lb/320yd,0.45mm/400m, 0.50mm/295m 

Casting reels ACT320-15kg, ACT30 & 340-18kg
Color availbale:blue/black/golden side plate cover  

Casting reel WITHOUT line spreader  

 Capacity-mm/mtr & lb/yd

10lb/280yd , 15lb/215yd,0.35mm/258m, 0.40mm/197m 
15lb/430yd , 25lb/310yd,0.40mm/390m, 0.45mm/286m  
20lb/430yd , 25lb/320yd,0.45mm/400m, 0.50mm/295m 
25lb/660yd , 30lb/580yd,0.50mm/608m, 0.55mm/528m 

Conventional reels ACT321-15kg, ACT31 &341-18kg
ACT351:20kg. Color available:blue/black/golden side plate cover  

Multiplier casting reels 3BB

 Capacity-mm/mtr & lb/yd

RCL20 (#20)  0.18/200m, 0.23/120m
6lb/150, 8lb/100yd
Multiplier boat reel gear raito:3.2:1 

Multiplier boat reel  3BB
With dual centrifugal and Mechanical brake.
Conventional reel in Left or Right hand cranking

 Capacity-mm/mtr & lb/yd

RCL30A  10lb/120yd,  0.30mm/110m 
RCL40A  12lb/200yd, 16lb/180yd,
0.35mm/180m, 0.40mm/140m
RCL50A  16lb/250yd, 20lb/160yd,
0.35mm/250m, 0.40mm/190m
RCL60A  16lb/250yd, 20lb/210yd,
0.35mm/320m, 0.40mm/250m
Multiplier conventional reels from #40~60 also
available in left hand cranking  
2bb Full alu.. Boat casting reel. All brass
 gears. Centrifugal & mechanical brake

 Capacity-mm/mtr & lb/yd

RCL70  16lb/430yd,  25lb/260yd
RCL80  16lb/650yd,  25lb/440yd
RCL90  16lb/750yd,  25lb/540yd
Multiplier boat reels #70 available in left hand
Gear ratio: #70: 4.2:1   #80-90:3.2:1  



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