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Osprey Jet head trolling lure with 2 to 6 jets holes.
Jet head designed to allow for easy DIY skirt replacement.
Propeller head trolling lure. Brass Propeller head with SS BB.

Osprey propeller head trolling lure. Propeller head in Brass with SS bearing. Range of mylar color  for propeller head trolling lure
Propeller head trolling lures fitted with Mylar or Silicone skirts. Head: brass with a rotating propeller on full ball race. Length: 8in-14inch
 Propeller generates wave and water turbulence  Skirt Mylar: or squid skirt. Propeller head with double skirt

Propeller head trolling lures,
available with squid/ hair/mylar skirts
code Head size Head Wt  Length overall
L200D28 51mm/2.0in, 45g


L200D29 55mm/2.1in 69g 7.0in
L200D30 61mm/2.5in 90g 9.0in

Rattling STAINLESS jet head trolling lures, 
code Head size Head Wt  Length overall
LS200D103S 50mm/2.0in, 211g


NOTE: all DIY heads are make to accept 2 layers of skirts.

DIY  skirt replacement jet head trolling lure.
code Head size Head Wt  Length overall
L200D97 110mm/4.3in, 540g


 DIY  skirt replacement jet head trolling lure
code Head size Head Wt  Length overall
L200D98 110mm/4.3in, 518.5g


L200D99  60mm/2.4in  163g  13.5in 

DIY  skirt replacement jet head trolling lure.
code Head size Head Wt  Length overall
L200D100 70mm/3.0in, 374g


Large DIY Jet head for trolling lure
Code nos Head size lure total length
L200D107 40mm/1.6in x 61g 7.5in
Head only code no D107

Jet head trolling lure.
code Head size Head Wt  Length overall
L200D106 40mm/1.6in, 31.5g


L200D108 60mm/2.4in 85.0g 8.5in
L200D109 60mm/2.4in 70.5g 8.5in
L200D107 40mm/1.6in 61g 7.5in

 T typical example  of the above trolling heads fitted with skirt.-- allow Active X control and click to view on You tube

 Squid Skirts & Other lures
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 Squid skirts pattern Pg 2.
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 Jet head for lure maker
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