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Osprey Daisy Chain and Trolling lure Combo.

  • Osprey Trolling daisy chain Can be customised to your requirement

  • Trolling daisy chain rigged or rigged

  • Teaser daisy chain lure kit

  • Squid daisy chain . flying fish daisy chain.

Osprey Daisy chain with feather skirt trolling lure + 1 planer hawk

9in Squid daisy chain with a 20in long stainless wire arm.
UV squid with glow in the dark octopus

Squid Daisy chain-LDS569-28
1pc 9in torpedo squid with 28g led insert
+3pc x 6in torpedo squid +1 x 5in bird
rigged with 8/0 hook with 7 beads
Packing in netting lure bag

Daisy chain Squid rig 4x 7in squid

Daisy chain:
1 X 12.5in leader trolling lure
 + 5pc x 6.in torpedo squid

Daisy chain-L10035Dc-6
Daisy chain: 5pc rigged set using 6in squid+ bag

LFD8545: 8.5in +2 x 4.5om flying fish with 8/0 hook..
Daisy chain with trailing flying fish
LFDT8545x3-- 3 x 8.5in flying fish+ 2 x 4.5in flying fish
LFDT8545-132-- 4 x 8.5in flying fish+ 2 x 4.5in flying fish
Fitted with 8/0 hooks on the last fish with a 60g sinker embedded in the body of the last flying fish

 Daisy chain with
8.5in soft head trolling lure
+4pc x8.5in squid

Daisy chain: 5pc x 

Daisy chain-L10316-22K5: 5pc of 8.5in squid8.5in squid +12 soft head trolling lure

LSP512K:Daisy chain:

Sparrow+4x 215A25 lure with 4 feather skirt+1 hawk
on a 6ft line+ bag

1pc 200T4 lure rigged with 4pcs 4.5in squid

L200D19L18L: Daisy chain1x 11in jet head
+3 x 8.5 in jet head


L10316-22K5: Daisy chain :5 pcs x 8.5 in squid



1x D19 jet head trolling lure 10.5in-
+ 1 plastic hawk

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