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Osprey Tuna lure with feather or squid skirt. Trolling Tuna lure.
Tuna lure either in resin head or lead head. Tuna lure with hair or feather skirts.
Tuna plug in hard wood.
Osprey wooden tuna plug with squid skir. Tuna Plug rigged and unrigged Osprey tuna feather lure. Trolling tuna lure with laser inlay resin head

Wooden Tuna plug rigged
Code length Hook size
60005-4 4in 7/0
60005-5 5in 8/0
60005-6 6in 9/0
60005-8 8in 10/0
60005-10 10in 11/0
60005-12 12in 12/0

Wooden Tuna plug 3PC rigged 1 x 6in + 2 x 4in

Code length Hook size
60005-3 4in 9/0

Wooden Tuna plug with feathers
Code length Hook size
60005F-4 4in 7/0
60005F-5 5in 8/0
60005F-6 6in 9/0
60005F-8 8in 10/0
60005F-10 10in 11/0
60005F-12 12in 12/0

Painted Wooden Tuna plug
Code length
30168 6in
we also handle customized colors

Tuna lure
: feather or squid skirt
CODE WT Overall length
LO210A-9 2.8g 2.8in
LO210A10 6g 4in
LO210A11 12g 5.1in
LO210A15 14g 6.0in

Squid skirt with lead insert
Code Length
LO30160 53g x 6.in

Tuna clone with lead inser
Code Length
L20147-6.5 6.5in
L20147-4.5 4.5.in

with lead insert

Tuna lure with feather  & squid skirt
Code Length
L30102-6.5 6.5in
L30102-4.5 4.5.in

Feather skirt tuna lure
Code Length
L201A6Y 14cm/5.5.in

Tuna lure with feather & squid skirt
Code Length
LO201A62F-6 6.0in
LO201A62F-8 8.0.in


Tuna Lead jig with  feathers
Code Wt
218-1 1g/0.04oz
218-1.5 1.5g/0.05
218-2.5 2.5g/0.09
218-4 4g/0.14oz
218-6.5 6.5g0.2oz
218-9 9g/0.3oz
218-12 12g/0.4oz
218-16 16g/0.6oz

Tuna Zipper
CODE WT Overall length
LO210A25-224 224g 14cm/6.5in
LO210A25-168 168g
LO210A25-140 140g
LO210A25-113 112g
LO210A25-84 84g
LO210A25-56 56g
LO210A25-28 28g
LO210A25-14 14g 6.5in


LO210A25-10 10g
LO210A25-7 7g
LO210A25-5 5g
Tuna bomber  lure
CODE WT Overall length
LO210A-10 224g 14cm/5.5in
LO210A11 168g
LO210A12 140g
LO210A13 112g
LO210A14 84g
LO210A15 56g
LO210A16 28g
LO210A17 14g 5.0in


LO210A18 10g
LO210A19 7g
LO210A20 5g
LO210A21 3g

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