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 Big game trolling reel. 2 speed Trolling reel  

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Osprey Big Game trolling reel. Trolling game reel from #20W~100W. Trolling reel CNC machined from stock bar. 
Trolling game reels with Twin drag system. 

  • Big game reel features: Instant quick change. 2 speed shift down gearing:

  • Trolling game reel feature: 8~11 stainless ball race

  • Trolling game reel feature: Stainless steel gearing: pinion and shaft, hardened and tempered.

  • Trolling game reel feature: Frame and spool machine out of solid aluminum alloy bar .

  • Trolling game reel feature: Multi anti reverse system.

  • Big game reel feature: Drag control, pre- program dial. on a 150degree dial stop system from free wheel to full set.

  • Osprey trolling game reels are engineered to a winching technology.

  • Special Toggle button on all game trolling reel to prevent over drag

Osprey big game trolling reels. Trolling reels  from 30w to 130w. Trolling reel with up to 1000yrd spooling capacity

Game trolling reel machined from stainless steel stock material.
hardened and tempered to ensure high wear resistance.

code spool capacity Gear  ratio Remarks
R15W 15lb/660yds 3.9:1 /1.7:1  8bb, Drag test at a max set load of 25kg/55lb-8bb
R18W 18lb/680yds 3.9:1 / 1.7:1  8bb, Drag test at a max set load of 25kg/55lb-8bb
R20W 20lbs/920yds 3.6:1 / 1.6:1  9bb, Drag test at a max set load of 30kg/65lb-9bb
R30W 30lb/935yds 3.6:1/ 1.6:1  9bb, Drag test at a max set load of 38kg/85lb-9bb
R50W 50lb/970yds 3.1:1 / 1.3:1  11bb, Drag test at a max set load of 48kg/107lb-11bb
R80W 80lbs/1020yds 2.5:1 / 1.3:1  11bb, Drag test at a max set load of 70kg/155lb-11bb
R130W 130lbs/1000yds 2.1:1/1.2:1  11bb, Drag test at a max set load of 80kg/180lbb-11bb
Trolling game reels with Dual drag available on Model #50~130.


Trolling game reels internal components



Osprey big game trolling reels frame and spool  Trolling reel spools and frame machined from stock bar  
Osprey trolling reel gearing system  Speed reduction gearing  for min. cranking effort.
Quick gear change system to ensure effective cranking effort when reel is under  varying load,
Osprey trolling game reel pinion system

Pinion and gears
Machined from stainless steel stock.
Hardened and tempered to ensure high wear resistance.
and finally  chemically treated to ensure corrosion resistance to any salt or  salty environment

All trolling game reel comes with anchoring bracket to conect reel to rod reel seat.



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