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Unbreakable spiral wrap blank spinning rods. Spinning rods from ultra light to heavy action. Carp and surf spinning rods.
Osprey unbreakable blank spinning rod. Spinning rod from ultra light to heavy action. Spinning rods  for carp and surf fishing Medium action surf spinning rods. Surf spinning rods from 15 to 30 actions. Surf spinning rods in carbon or fibreglass Osprey Carp spinning rods. Carp rods from 3 to 3.5lb action. Carp spinning rods from 6 to 12ft.

Unbreakable spiral wrap blanks spinning rods similar to the ugly stick.

High carbon SPECIAL span wrap construction spinning rods
 :RS0510 Action 7-14lbs. PE 0.7~1.4. Cast wt:10-25g
RS0510-702UL -7ft/2.1m x 2 sections
RS0510-701UL -7ft/2.1m x 1 sections
RS0510-802UL -8ft/2.4m x 2 sections
Titanium oxide guides. Moulded cork handle grip.

SPECIAL span wrap construction spinning rods
Test 10-15lb- 1 sect or 2 sect.  
RSC10154080-652-6.5ft x 2 sections-cast wt:40/80g
RSC10153060-702-7.0ft x 2 sections-cast wt:30/60g
RSC10153060-701-7.0ft x 1 section-cast wt:30/60g
Click to Watch the power of this rod in action

2 section span wrap construction
Spinning rods. Line action 3-6kg (6-13lb)
RCCM006 :6.0ft x 10/20g cast wt

High carbon SPECIAL span wrap construction spinning rods
:RS2035  Action 20-30lbs. PE 2~3. Cast wt:30-60g
RS2035-702MH -7ft/2.1m x 2 sections
RS2035-701MH -7ft/2.1m x 1 sections
RS2035-802MH -8ft/2.4m x 2 sections
Titanium oxide guides. Moulded cork handle grip.
Basspinner-  Medium hard action. This spinning rod being field tested to 2 times it design limit-- watch this video showing the rod handling catches up to 50g 

Heavy action Spiral wrap spinning rod. Design for life bait fishing.Med hard action. Dismountable at the handle .
Test: PE2-2.5.
  Special construction:80/20 carbon
RYPE20-200 :2.0m/7.0ft
  Cast wt:80/150g.
Click to view this rod handling monster fish
High carbon SPECIAL span wrap construction spinning rods
Action 10-15lbs. PE 2~3. Cast wt:30-60g
RS1015DHS18-602MH -6ft x 2 sections
RS1015DHS18-652MH -6.5ft x 2 sections
Titanium oxide guides. Moulded cork handle grip.
Watch the power of this rod in action,  Handling fish more than 3 times it design capacity. Span wrap construction Spinning rods handle torsional and bending stress well.

SPECIAL span wrap construction spinning rods
Medium light action spinning rods.
Line test: 4~8kg. Cast wt:10-20g
RECM011-56- 5.6ft/1.7m x 2 sections.
RECM011-60- 6.0ft/1.8m x 2 sections.
RECM011-65- 6.5ft/2.0m x 2 sections.
RECM011-70- 7.0ft/2.1m x 2 sections.


Rolled Hollow blank spinning rods: Carbon graphite , Fibreglass , composite carbon.

 carbon spinning rods
RBLS6011025 :6.0ft/1.8m x 2 section. Line Action 10~25lb
Cast wt:15-30g

3sections carbon spinning rods 
RCSAP317-3210:7.0ft/2.1m x 3 section.Line Action 8~15lb
Cast wt:30-60g Spinning rods with Alu. reelseat.Titanium oxide guide insert.

3sections carbon spinning rods 
RCMXGS817-3210:7.0ft/2.1m x 3 section. Action 8~15lb
Cast wt:20-40g Spinning rods with ratchet thumber reelseat

Graphite spinning rod from medium to hard action.
RGS1015-210YF : 7.0ft/2.1m. Cast weight:10-15g.
RGS2040-240YF : 8.0ft/2.4m. Cast weight:20-40g.
RGS4080-240YF : 8.0ft/2.4m. Cast weight:40-80g.
Spinning rods With a high reflect action. Faster taper
Line guide: SIC. Natural coke handle grip.   IM8 graphite Rod 

Long handle light action carbon spinning rods.
Spinning rod with cork handle.
Series :RSG31050C Length : 2.1m/7ft, 2.4m/8ft, 2.7m/9ft.
Spinning rod cast weight :5-15g

Medium action fast taper spinning rod.-2sect
Carbon spinning rod with SIC guides.
Series : RCSSP-602M  : 6ft cast weight:30~60g
               RCSSP-702M  : 7ft cast weight:20~50g

Medium action carbon spinning rod with pattern blank.
Spinning rod Cast weight :10-40g. 2 sect
Series : RGS31026c : length available : 2.4m/8ft & 2.7m/9ft.

Hard action spinning rods for bait-fishing.
Series RSCAP1225-702. Length:2.1m/7ft. 2sect.
Line action: 6-7kg. PE1.2~1.5. Heavy duty Alu reelseat.

Light medium action. Pattern blank Fibreglass spinning rod.
Series : RF6025SE. Length:1.8m/6.0ft, 2.1m/7ft, 2.4m/8ft.
Cast weight:15-30g.  2 sections.

Ultra light action carbon spinning rod.2 sections
Series : RGS31155c. Length: 7ft/2.1m,8ft/2.4m,9ft/2.7m
Cast weight : 2-10g.

High carbon spinning rods 2 sections Medium action
cast wt:8-35g Long cork handle.
Series : RGS31171c. Length: 2.1m/7ft, 2.4m/8ft, 2.7m/9ft.

High carbon spinning rods 2 sections  Medium hard.
Split EVA handle grip. Cast weight : 30~70g.
Series : RGS31149c  Length : 2.1m/7ft & 2.4m/8.0ft.

2 sections Fibreglass spinning rod medium/hard action
Spinning rod available in 2 casting weight.
RGCSL1030-702 :7.0ft/2.1m x 2 section. Action 10~30lb
RGCSL1540-702 :7.0ft/2.1m x 2 section. Action 15~40lb
RGCSL1540-762 :7.6ft/2.3m x 2 section. Action 15~40lb

2sections High carbon spinning rods. Cast wt:15-30g
RGSSP702M :7.0ft/2.1m,2 section. Action 8-12lb
RGSSP602M :6.0ft/1.8m,2 section. Action 8-12lb

2 section Ultra light spinning rod.Action:8-16lb
RCG2815-65:  6.5ft/2.0m x 2 secton.cast weight:8-15g
RCG2815-7:  7.0ft/2.1m x 2 secton.cast weight:8-15g

High carbon spinning rods : medium to hard action.
RGSAP602A : 6ft/1.8m x 2 section Line Action::15-35lb
RGSAP702A : 7ft/2.1m x 2 section Line Action:10-15lb
Spinning rods with Alu alloy reelseat.

Medium action. Fast Taper spinning rod. Rod blank with Pattern
Series :RSSP815. Length available : 5 & 6ft.
Line action :5-10g.
Special features : Solid epoxy upper blank and hollow lower
blank- close to unbreakable.:

Medium light action carbon spinning rod with SIC guides.
Series : RCSP-56X2ML : 5.6ft. Cast weight:20~40g. 2 sect

Medium action carbon spinning rod with Camo pattern.
Series : RGS31156c-2102 : 7ft/2.1m. cast wt: 10-30g
            RGS31156c-2402 : 8ft/2.4m. cast wt:  20-40g
            RGS31156c-2702 : 9ft/2.7m. cast wt:  20-40g

Medium action Fibre glass spinning rods.2 sect
Series : RGS31157G: Length: 5.6ft,6.0ft,6.6ft,7.0ft- 2sect.
Cast weight : 30-60g.

Medium light action Fibre glass spinning rods.2 sect.
Pattern blank. Cast weight : 20-40g.
Series : RFS31161G: Length: 6.0ft/2.0m- 2sect.

 Medium and medium light carbon spinning rods.1 sect.
Series:RGS31177c. Length : 5.6ft/1.7m. Cast weight:10-30g

High carbon spinning rod.Medium light action:
Short stubby flick action cork handle.-2 section.
Series : RGS31118c. length: 6.6ft/ 2.0m Cast wt:10-30g 

Carbon spinning rod. -2sections. Short EVA handle grip.
Light action : 3-18g cast weight.
Series RGS31165c. Length: 5.6ft, 6ft, 7ft

2 sections Carbon spinning rod medium/hard action
Spinning rod available in 2 casting weight.
RCGS31026c-2402:8.0ft/2.4m,2 section. Action 10~40lb
RCGS31026c-2702 :9.0ft/2.7m,2 section. Action 10~40lb
Spinning rods :Sic guides. pattern blank, cork handle grip.

2sections carbon spinning rods Medium action
RXUSP-602M :6.0ft/1.8m x 2 section. Cast wt:20-50g

Ultra light carbon spinning rod. Line Action:4-8lb.
RSCUL30T-223.  7.5ft/2.3m. Cast weight:5-10g.
Spinning rod with special wooden pattern blank.

Carbon spinning rods with thumb lock reelseat.
Spinning rod available in 1 section or 2 sections.
RG815 Series 6ft x 1 section. 7.0ft x 1 section.
Or 6ft x 2sect. 7.0ft x 2sect. 8ft x 2sect, 9ft x 2 sect.
Cast wt: 3/8-3/4oz (10-2g)   


Medium light action spinning rod. Spinning rod with long cork handle. Cast weight : 10-30g.
Series:RGS31045c. Range: 2.4m/8ft, 2.7m/9ft, 3.0m10ft

High carbon spinning rods : 3 & 4 sections.
Spinning rod cast weight: 10~30g.
Series: RGS34056c-3603- Length:13.0ft x 3 sect.
           RGS34056c-3903- Length:14.0ft x 3 sect
           RGS34056c-3904- Length:15.0ft x 4 sect

Medium hard action with fast taper carbon spinning rod
Spinning rod with pattern blank. 2 sect.
Series :RGS1040  : length :2.4m/8ft: &  2.7m/9ft

Medium action High carbon spinning rod.Alu. reelseat.
SIC guides. Long cork handle. Fast Taper.
Cast weight :20-50g 2 sect
Series : RGS31167c: Length 9.0ft/2.7m & 10.0ft/3.0m.

Medium hard action. Pattern blank Fibreglass spinning rod .
Cork handle.Line Action : 10-20lb.
Series:RFS31002G: Length: 6.6ft/2.0m, 7.0ft/2.1m, 8ft/2.4m..

1 section.Light medium action carbon spinning rod with short stubby flick handle. Series:RGS31140c. Length:7.0ft/2.1m,
Line action: 5-10lb.

1 section High carbon spinning rod.:
Short stubby flick action cork handle.
Series:RGS31128c-701L.Length:7ft/2.1m Cast wt:10-20g 
         RGS31128c-701M.Length:7ft/2.1m Cast wt:20-40g
         RGS31128c-701H.Length: 7ft/2.1m Cast wt:40-80g

2 section. Hard action carbon spinning rod.
Long EVa handle grip.
Series : RGS31108c-2702. Lenght: 9ft- cast wt: 20-50g. 
             RGS31108c-3002            10ft-cast wt: 60-120g.


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