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 Osprey trolling game rod. Deep drop rod unbreakable Spiral wrap blank spinning rod

 Big game trolling reel. 2 speed Trolling reel  

Underwater light for lures and traps

Special enbreakable fishing rods. 2 speeds spinning reels. Trolling lures and teasers. Soft and hard baits. Electronic fishing lights. Your one stop Fishing Supplies  


  Osprey Fishing also handles OEM and private branding . 
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Spoons and Spinnerbaits for fresh and saltwater fishing. Spoons from 2g to 100g. Spoons in brass or stainless steel. Spinnerbaits from 1/4~1/2oz with twin blades or triangle blade
Spinnerbaits with a propeller spinner . Spinnerbaits from 3 to 8g Osprey Spinnerbaits. Spinnerbaits with oval or triangle spinners. Special fishing spoons using a real teaspoon.

   Jerking spoons:LSBC006- material brass 
Size 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Weight-gm 5 10 15 20 30 40 50
Length-cm 4.5 5.2 5.7 6.2 7.4 8.2 9
Spinning Spoon Series LS022
Size No



00 60mm 2.4in 4g 0.15oz 6
01 66mm 2.6in 6g 0.21oz 4
02 80mm 3.2in 11g 0.4oz 2
03 90mm 3.5in 20g 0.7oz 1
04 107mm 4.2in 29g 1.02oz 1/0
05 120mm 4.7in 38g 1.35oz 2/0

Osprey fishing spinner spoons
Spoons model:

Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
00 63mm 3g 0.1oz 8
01 65mm  4g 0.14oz 6
02 83mm 7g 0.25oz 4
Spoons model:  LS040 
Size No


  WT  Hook/size
01 130mm 5.1in 22g 0.78oz 3/0

Spoons model: LS043
Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
01 110mm 4.3in   17g 0.6oz 2

Spoons model:LS067 

Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
01 84mm 3.3in 13g 0.45oz 1
02 95mm 3.7in 17g 0.6oz 1
03 110mm 4.3n 24g 0.85oz
Tea spoon flasher
Code nos Wt hook size length
LS1532C 32g 2/0 15.5cm
LS1532P 32g 15.5cm

C= panted, P= no paint


Jerking spoons. LSBC005

Size 0 1 2 3 4 5
Weight-gm 5 10 15 21 28 32
Length-cm 3.5 4 4.8 5.7 6 6.3
Size 6 7 8 9
Weight-gm 38 50 65 75
Length-cm 6.7 7.5 8.2 10

Spoons model:LS023 
Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
00 90mm 3.5in 6g 0.2oz 6
01 103mm 4.1in 12g 0.4oz 4
02 125mm 4.9in 16g 0.6oz 2
03 145mm 5.7in 28g  1.0oz

Spoons model: LS041
Size No


  WT  Hook/size
01 85mm 3.4in 22g 0.78oz 2

Spoons model:  LS044
Size No Length  WT  Hook/size







 Spoons model: LS045
Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
01 110mm 4.3in 18g 0.63oz

Spoons with a laser finish LS070 

Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
01 130mm 5.1in  20g 0.7oz 2
02 160mm 6.3in 33g 1.2oz 1/0

Fishing Flasher Spoon
Code nos Wt hook size length
LS6520-18 18g #4 6.5cm
LS6520-25 25g 6.5cm

Spinning Spoons: LNP150. Wt:2~5g (0.7~0.2oz)
Size No Length Overall wt  Hook/size
LNP150E-07 33mm 2.0g 0.07oz #10
LNP150E-10 33mm  4.0g 0.14oz
LNP150E-20 33mm 5.5g 0.20oz
LNP150-07 33mm 2.0g 0.07oz
LNP150-10 33mm  4.0g 0.14oz
LNP150-20 33mm 5.5g 0.20oz

Spoons LNP156~153  Blade32/33mm
Size No Length Overall wt  Hook/size
LNP156-10 32mm 3.3g 0.12oz #8
LNP156-15 32mm  4.6g 0.16oz
LNP156-20 32mm 5.8g 0.20oz
LNP153-10 33mm 2.8g 0.10oz #10
LNP153-15 33mm  3.8g 0.13oz
LNP153-20 33mm 4.9g 0.17oz

Spoons Series
LNP151~152 Wt from 3.6g~4.5g
Size No Length Overall wt  Hook/size
LNP152-10 32mm 3.6g 0.12oz #8
LNP152-15 32mm  4.8g 0.17oz
LNP152-20 32mm 6.1g 0.21oz
LNP151-10 33mm 2.5g 0.09oz #10
LNP151-15 33mm  3.5g 0.12oz
LNP151-20 33mm 4.5g 0.16oz

Spoons model:

Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
01 65mm 2.6in 5g 0.18oz 8
02 73mm 2.9in 7g 0.25oz 6
03 86mm 3.4in 10g 0.35oz 4
04 100mm 4in 13g 0.45oz 2
05 113mm 4.4in 16g 0.6oz

Spoon model:LS062

Size No Length  WT  Hook/size
01 65mm 2.6in 4g 0.15oz 8
02 85mm 3.3in 8g 0.3oz 6
03 97mm 3.8n 11g 0.4oz 4
04 120mm 4.7in 15g 0.53oz 2
05 130mm 5.2in 20g


Spinnerbaits available with 2 types of blade
Triangle : painted color or in bright chrome or golden

Twin Oval spinner blade : bright chrome or golden. Hammered  scaled or unscaled
Spinnerbaits available in 3 sizes
1/4oz (7g),   3/8oz(10.5g)   1/2oz(14g)

Skirts : silicone x 25strand tighted with a special UV resistance PVC band.

Skirt patterns we also handle customised make to order skirt patterns.

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