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Contribution from Troy Preston-  he landed this catch in Canada.

Osprey Fishing rod in the shape of a pen-- this is no gimmick, it really  catches fish..........

Pen fishing rods:this looks like a gimmick.
BUT it catches fish like any pro rod.
-- Click to view this  video

Contribution from one of our New York distributors:
To video more video showing it power in catching fish click this link


We as the creator of the pen rod have now started on a new range increasing the length from 4.7ft/1.45m (2008 model) to  a new 5ft 3in/1.6m to break the copy cat version.

Pen fishing rods rf5-160
This new extend length model (RF5-160) still maintains the same close length, the short pen casing length remains unchanged.


Pen fishing rods rf145pen rod length
Model :RF5-145: A faster taper pen rod 4.7ft in length, design to use with our match mini spinning reel
 ideal for spinning and is able to handle medium size fish

Old standard model
Pen rod -Model RF5R-90  -- rod length 90cm/39in--------Free logo on pen rods for orders of 1000sets
                             RF5R-145--rod length 1.45m/57in

Pen fishing rods rf5r

mini pen fishing rod with mini casting reel
COST5R  : Pen Rod + reel pack -- blister packed
Std packing: 200 pen rod /ctn ( 15kg) and reels: 200pcs/ctn(17kgs)
For a total 200sets: 32kgs
Ctn size : 40 x 31 x 26cm for both rods and reel

pen rod with a spinning reel in double blisterCOST5SB
Pen rod with a spinning reel
in a double blister
1) COST5SB-- reel front drag
2) COST5ZB- reel rear drag
3) COST5RS-- with casting reel+accessories
4)COST5R-- casting reel BUT without accessories
 pen rod with fly reel

fly reel with mini pen fishing rodFly reel for pen rod:
COST5F- blister packed

For this model, it can becustomised as per your requirement
Pen fishing rods combo set-1Pen fishing rods combo set with front drag reel

Special Pen rod 4.8ft or in waist pouch.
this model comes in 2 versions :
with a mini casting reels:RST5RL
OR a mini Spinning reel :RTF100A3

colour for pen rod
RF5-90 Rod only  : 40inch extend length
packing : 200pcs/ctn- 15kg( ctn dim: 40x 31x 26cm)

5pen rod with spinning reelPen rod with a front drag mini spinning reel  combo set code:COST5S
Reel specification
rod and reel packed separately
for DISPLAY pack see below
pen rod with rear drag reelAlternative reel for pen rod
with REAR drag. reel
Combo set code

Optional lure combo to goes with the pen rods
pen rod lure combo lure combo for pen rod  lure kit for pen rod
Pen fishing rods gift packModel COD31--  in a pouch
Consist of pen rod+ spinning reel+ tackle in a box.
Pen rod either: 1mtr extend length or 1.45mtr extend length
spinning reel either front or drag
 Code No:
COD31F-1--1.0mtr rod+front drag reel
COD31F-14:--1.4mtr rod +front drag reel
COD31R-1--1mtr rod + rear drag reel
COD31R-14:1.4mtr rod +rear drag reel
Also available in display box
pen rod in a gfit pack

.Matching reels for pen rods

Front drag spinning reel make to suit  our pen rods
mini reel for pen rod Code for reel:RTF100A3
Gear ratio:5:1
Capacity: 0.15/190m, 0.18/145, 0.20/110   
    4lb/188yd,  5/150yd, 6/120yd
Pen fishing rod reel -rear dragRear drag spinning reel make to suit  our pen rods
MODEL: MX15PA --premium model
Alu spool, flick action alu handle.+PVC knob
Spool capacity mm/mtr lb/yd
0.12mm/100m, 0.15/80mm 2lb/140, 4lb/70yd

Pen fishing rods reel  rmxStandard model:MX15P
Chrome Graphite spool
ABS handle grip and knob

reel casting for pen rodRST5RL: Reel: capacity: 80yd on 5lb line 0.18mm/60m,0.20mm/55m.0.25mm/40m
With drag control and casting brake.
Frame: gold passivated plating
packing : 200pcs/ctn- 17kg( ctn dim: 40x 31x 26cm


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