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 Osprey Fishing Tackle.

  • Osprey Premium range with highly reflective holographic body and with raise scale on body.
  • Osprey premium wobblers, body length from 4.3in--8.3in (110-210mm).
  • Osprey premium wobblers packed either in a hard tackle box, square clear PVC box or blister with a backing cards. Packaging  style
  • Osprey premium wobblers: designed to ensure a balance motion. with a prefect wobbling swim action. swim action: floater, below surface skimmer, and diver.
  • Osprey crank bait with Metallic paint finish, 3D eyes.
  • This is our Premium range with highly reflective holographic raise scale body.
  • More than 200 patterns click to view colour pattern
  • Large wobblers with through wire system click here

wobblers / crankbait LF110

Osprey Skimmer   LF110.Holographic finish with etched lateral line and  3D eyes
Body length: 110mm(4.3in) . 
Overall length including lip+hook : 140mm(5.5in)

g/0.62oz            Hook size::#4 treble
Line test:8-14 lbs.     Max possible cast distance:45mtrs
  Action: Floater/skimmer  Superb a aqua-dynamic body. The slightest rod movement will makes the lure skims, slip-slides with a quick dart.
The holographic effect is most effective in any light conditions. 
click to view colour pattern
wobbler crank bait-diver LM110D

LM110D- Zombie Eel. A split body wiggler, with steel ball in the front half enables it to wiggler in a lively action. It wigglers and swims from mid level to just below water surface. This mid level wobbler swims like a wounded fish.
Body length: 110mm/4.4in ,Overall length:160 mm/6.3in
 WEIGHT:13g/0.5oz  Hook:#4 TYPE: Suspend


split wobbler LF110S

LF110S: skipper; swims like a wounded fish, the  special V joint  creates turbulence when the tail wiggle.
Body length: 110mm/4.3in and Overall length:130mm/5.1 in. Wt:14g/0.5oz

wobbler crank bait-floater LF110S2


wobbler crank bait-floater LF100E

LF110E. LeoDevil. A well balanced streamlined body, fitted with precise position balancer to enable it to wiggler in a radical side-to-side wiggling motion with lateral rolling action. Special surface treatment to enable it to be seen under very low light or even moonlight!
Body length:110mm /4.3in, Overall length:140mm/5.5in ,  WEIGHT:15g    Hook:#4  TYPE: Floating 
click to view colour pattern

wobbler crank bait-floater LF115

LF115: Dumpy.
Body length:115mm /4.3in, Overall length:132mm/5.2in ,  WEIGHT:17.5g/0.6oz
Long fast skimmer, swimming just below water surface.wobbler crank bait-floater LF115-2


wobbler crank bait-floater LF130

LF130 Sprite diverc
A long slim body for a smooth diving action from mid level>
Body Length: 130mm/5.2in,
Overall length:165mm/6.5in
, wt: 21g/0.8oz.

large wobbler

LF130TL : Aqua Minnow

Length:130mm/5.1in. Wt:17.5g/0.6oz
Hooks:2 x #2
Floats just below water surface.Suspend at a dept of 1mtrs below the water sufra

wobbler crank bait-floater LLF130SLF130S-Tobe
Surface swimmer. Body length:130mm. Hook: 3 x #4
2 anchor positions to adjust wobbling motion. Wt:20g/0.7oz

wobbler crank bait-floater LLD128LD128- Diva
Dive from mid leve.
Dives with a slow wobbling  action.
Body length: 5.2in/128mm. Wt:13g/0.50oz , Hook: 3 x #4
Dive to :2mtr/6.5ft below surface and float back to surface when line slack.
click to view colour pattern

wobbler crank bait mid level swimer.LM130DLM130D Wobbat.  This lure has a Buoyancy that is equivalent to the specific gravity of water. This suspend function enables it to have a stop & go actions when reeling in the line. With the head pointing downward and being in suspension a diving jerk bait motion combined with a stable and natural wiggling and wobbling actions attract predator fish
Body legnth:130mm/5.2in, Overall length:210mm/8.3in 
WEIGHT: 23g  Hook: #1    TYPE: Suspend

wobbler crank bait-floater LF140

LF140  The Destroyer with it's Holographic finish with etched lateral line and  3D eyes  click to view colour pattern
Body length: 140mm(5.5in) .,Overall length:180mm/7.1in 
g/1.2oz                       Hook size::#1 treble
Line test:8-10 lbs.                         Max possible cast distance:45mtrs
Line test:: 10-14lb lbs                  Action: Floater/skimmer


wobbler crank bait-diver LD150D

 LD150 Knifer, Holographic finish with etched lateral line and  3D eyes 
Body length: 150mm(6.02in) .  Overall length including lip+hook :250mm(10.0in)
g/1.10oz                    Hook size::#4 treble
Max possible cast distance:30-40mtrs Line test:: 10-16lb lbs  
 Action: Diver  .The bill is designed to provide a fast deep diving action,
for steep shorelines and drop offs.
It will wobblers down to a depth of 7-8 ft  even with a slow retrieve.
Generating a loud rattle with holographic effect is most effective in any light conditions.

Large wobbler LD160

LD160: Lizard
Treble split. Split  has a V shape sluice design to create high water turbulence
when retrieving. The V sluice generates splashing sound, when it wobbles from side to side
Body length: 160mm(6.02in) .  
Overall length including lip+hook :200mm(7.9in)

g/2.0oz    wobbler crank bait-DIVER LD160



wobbler crank bait-floater LF175

LF175 Snake Head
Body length: 175mm /7in, 4split, 40g/1.50oz, 

Overall length including lips and hooks:185mm/7.5in
 moving head; Surface to mid level swimmer.
click to view colour pattern

ducK bill wobblersLD180

LD180 : Shad
Fast diver, with high rattling sound. Ideal for deep water scooping
Body length: 180mm/7in.
Overall length: 7.5in

Wt: 63g/2.3oz.  Hooks: 1/0 and #9.

wobbler crank bait-floater LM210LM210- Mud Skipper.
Mid level swimmer that can Suspend in mid water.
Very loud rattling noise when retrieved, Overall length:266mm/10.5in
body length: 210mm/8.3in. Wt:65g/2.35oz. Hooks: 4/0 and #9
Octopus jigging rig
hard body  with squid tenacles
Code nos Length Wt Hooks size
L23569 23.5cm/9.3in 69g/2.5oz

3/0 treble+5/0 assist hook

Hard body with soft gel tail 2 sections swim bait le34830
Hard body with soft gel tail and fins
Code Length Hook size
LE34830 30cm/13.4in 2 x 7/0
Hard body with soft gel tail 2 sections swim bait-color1Hard body with soft gel tail 2 sections swim bait-color2
Through wire system wobblers for ocean fishing


extra large wobbler
Hard body  through wire system wobblers.
Code Length Wt Hooks size
L8623-200 200m/7.9in 117g


L8623-160 160mm/6.3in 65g


Special construction color and tone within body. NOT on the outer body.
extra large wobbler
through wire system wobblers for ocean fishing
Hard body  through wire system wobblers.
Code Length Wt Hooks size
L8639-180 180m/7.0in 68g


L8639-150 150mm/6.0in 41g



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