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 Osprey Fishing Tackle.

  • Osprey premium lead fish with laser patterns..
  • Osprey lead fish from 50g to 400g,. Using a lead zinc Mix to ensure the fish is hard and stiff to withstand fish bite and rough sea bed.
  • Osprey lead fish is coated with 5 layers of hard epoxy paint for durability.
  • Ideal lead fish for jigging in salt water.
  • Pattern and color for this range is not limited to the sample model color you can chose the colors from other models.

  • Optional packing for lead fish

Jigging jig-lead fish from 60-200g
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH001-60 60g/2.2oz 13.3cm/5.3in
LFCH001-80 80g/2.9oz 13.5cm/5.3in
LFCH001-100 100g/3.6oz 15cm/5.9in
LFCH001-150 150g/5.4oz 12.5cm/4.9in
LFCH001-200 200g/7.2oz 20cm/7.9in
LFCH001-250 250g/9.0oz 22cm/8.7in
LFCH001-300 300g/10.8oz 24.5cm/9.7
LFCH001-400 400g/14.4oz 26.5cm/10.4in
Jigging jig-lead fish color-1Jigging jig-lead fish001-color

Jigging jig-lead fish-004
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH004-250 250g/9.0oz 19.5cm/7.7in
LFCH004-200 200g/7.2oz 18cm/7.0in
LFCH004-150 150g/5.4oz 16.5cm/6.5in
LFCH004-120 120g/4.3oz 15.5cm/6.1in
LFCH004-100 100g/3.6oz 13.5cm/5.3in
LFCH004-70 70g/2.5oz 11.5cm/4.5in
Jigging jig-lead fish-004 color

Jigging jig-lead fish-002
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH002-150 150g/5.4oz 17.0cm/6.7in
LFCH002-200 200g/7.2oz 19.0cm/7.5in
LFCH002-250 250g/9.0oz 20.0cm/7.9in
Jigging jig-lead fish-002-colour1Jigging jig-lead fish-color2

Jigging jig-lead fish-005
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH005-130 130g/4.7oz 13.5cm/5.3in
LFCH005-100 100g/3.6oz 13cm/5.2in
Jigging jig-lead fish-005 color

Color patterns universally
Available for finishing on
any models of the Premium lead fish


Jigging jig-lead fish-003
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH003-105 105g/3.8oz 20.0cm/6.7in
LFCH003-150 150g/5.4oz 21.5cm/7.5in
LFCH003-195 195g/7.0oz 25.0cm/7.9in
LFCH003-205 205/7.4oz 23.5cm9.3in
LFCH003-265 265/9.5oz 26cm/10.3in
LFCH003-330 330/11.9oz 27.5cm/10.9in
LFCH003-425 425g/15.3oz 31cm/12.2in
LFCH003-515 515g18.5oz 32.5cm/12.8in
Jigging jig-lead fish-003 color1Jigging jig-lead fish-002 color2

Jigging jig-lead fish-006
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH006-30 30g/1.1oz 7.5cm/3.0in
LFCH006-25 25g/0.9oz 5.7cm/2.2in
LFCH006-20 20g/0.7oz 5.5cm/2.15in
LFCH006-15 15g/0.51oz 5.3cm/2.1in
LFCH006-14 14g/0.5oz 5.2cm/2.0in
LFCH006-10 10g/0.4oz 4.3cm/1.7in
Jigging jig-lead fish-006 color-1Jigging jig-lead fish-006-color-2


Jigging jig-lead fish-008
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH008-140 140g/5.0oz 11.0cm/4.3in
LFCH008-120 120g/4.3oz 10.5cm/4.1in
Jigging jig-lead fish-008 color

Jigging jig-lead fish-009
Code Wt-gm/oz Length-cm/in
LFCH009-180 180g/6.5oz


Jigging jig-lead fish-009 color

lead fish with glow in the dark finish
Lead fish jig with glow in the dark  paint
 on the reverse side
Code nos wt hook size length
LFE15-230 230g 1/0# 15cm
LFE15-200 200g 1/0# 14cm
LFE15-160 160 1/0# 14cm
LFE15-180 180 1/0# 15cm


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