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 Osprey Fishing Tackle.

Mono line colier the easy wayACCS2203-Line coiler
Line coiler
with a suction pad to enable the coiler
to be positioned at any angle. Line bail out tension adjustable from the Spool holder tension spring. 
Overall dimension : 16 x 9x 9cm

filleting knifeFilleting knife  Model:AC611
total length:11in

Stainless filleting knife  back of plate:Scale scraper,
Floating handle  length of blade 6in

wire crimper or clamp for crimping of leader line wire Crimp tool in a combo set-- blister pack--AC1000
pack consist of
1 x clamp to crimp wire up to 0.45mm
1x 100m coil of stainless wire 1 x 7 construction
vinyl coated.
50pcs of copper ferrules.
Note : This pack can be customized to your  specification.,

.fish gripper Good for catfish or other fishes with sting.

Plastic gripper with a
elastic band


fish gripper  thong ac1075

Fish thong
4in x 3in


fish gripper  thong ac1410

Fish thong
5.5in x 4in



catapult or bait shooter or spreader Soft bait spreader or
catapult : ACC19 and  ACC16

  alternative method
remote control boat- click here



Life bait threader
Code Nos  Spec.
ACXA10  15cm long

fish gripper  lip gripperACSF1114


Fish lip gripper Stainless . length 12in

hook remover or disgorger ach316
Hook disgorger-ACH316
20mm dia x 143mm 


hook remover or disgorger ach407ACH407 Hook remover
with a fish knocker



DISGORGER ac6315  AC6315 : hook remover 15cm  
HOOKER REMOVAL ac1540 HOOK disgorger ac6420

AC1540 : hook remover 15cm   AC6420 : hook remover 20cm  

Hand line winder 

hand line winder  small sizehand line winder large sizehand line winder holder grip
Code Dia Width
AC1245 123mm/4.8in 50mm/2in
AC1650 158mm/6.2in 50mm.2in
AC1905 189mm/7.5in 55mm/2.2in
AC2436 242mm/9.5in 58mm/2.3in
AC1122   22cm/8.7in x 12cm/4.7in
Ac1540:15cm hook remover.  AC6420 -20cm hook removerhook cap protectorCode ACP
Hook protector for use on treble hook     
min order qty 10,000 and above
fits hook from #1/0 downwards

ACP1--for hooks #8
ACP2--for hooks #6 to #4
ACP3--for hooks #3 to #2
ACP4--for hooks #1 to #1/0
ACP5--for hooks #2/0 to#3/0
in bulk of 1,000pcs /pk
or in display pack of
ACP2D-- 8pc/pk
ACP3D-- 8pc/pk
ACP4D-- 5pc/pk
ACP5D-- 4pc/pk
Hook protector for squid jig spider hook click here