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 Osprey Fishing Tackle.

  • Osprey Fishing Mono line standard grade and abrasive resistance grade
  • Osprey Braided line 4 strand
  • Osprey Mono fishing line available in pack of 100m/200/300/500m
  • Osprey fluoro-carbon super soft line.
  • Osprey special high abrasion resistance line grade 911

    mono fishing line in various colourColour available :green/clear/golden/fluro-green/white/maroon

mono fishing line in spool 500mmono fishing line tl200
in 100/200/300mtr spools
Standard grade mono line NT200
TL200-18 TL200-20 TL200-22 TL200-25 TL200-28 TL200-30 TL200-35 TL200-40 TL200-45 TL200-50 TL200-60
0.18mm 0.20mm 0.23mm 0.26mm 0.28mm 0.30mm 0.37mm 0.40mm 0.45mm 0.50mm 0.60mm
1.74kg 2.2kg 2.9kg 3.6kg 4.2kg 4.9kg 6.9kg 8.2kg 10.4kg 11.7 16.1
3.9lb 4.9lb 6.5lb 8.0lb 9.5lb 11.0lb 15.5lb 18.4lb 22lb 26.2lb 36.1lb
mono fishing line nt300


****High strength,
****Low spool memory
****Low stretch

Premium grade mono line NT300
TL300-15 TL300-18 TL300-20 TL300-22 TL300-25 TL300-28 TL300-30 TL300-35 TL300-40 TL300-45 TL300-50 TL300-60
0.15mm 0.1.8mm 0.20mm 0.23mm 0.26mm 0.28mm 0.30mm 0.37mm 0.40mm 0.44mm 0.50mm 0.62mm
1.4kg 2.1kg 2.7kg 3.5kg 4.4kg 5.2kg 5.9kg 8.3kg 9.8kg 11.4kg 14.5kg 17.9kg
3.1lb 4.7lb 5.9lb 7.8lb 9.7lb 11.5lb 13.3lb 18.6lb 22.0lb 25.5lb 32.4lb 40.0lb
mono fishing line fluro carbon

****anti oxidation
****anti aging
****Low memory and soft.

Premium grade FLuro carbon line
0.16mm 0.18mm 0.20mm 0.23mm 0.25mm 0.28mm 0.32mm 0.35mm 0.41mm 0.45mm 0.50mm 0.60mm
1.7kg 1.7kg 2.6kg 3.5kg 4.3kg 5.2kg 6.5kg 7.5kg 9.7kg 11.0kg 13.5kg 18.9kg
3.8lb 3.8lb 5.8lb 7.9lb 9.5lb 11.5lb 14.5lb 16.8lb 21.7lb 24.5lb 30.2lb 42.3lb
mono fishing line anti abrasion line

***High Abrasion resistance.,
****Low elongation.
****High strength/dia
****Low memory and soft.


Premium grade abrasion resistance mono line

TL911-15 TL911-18 TL911-20 TL911-22 TL911-25 TL911-28 TL911-30 TL911-35 TL911-40 TL911-45 TL911-50 TL911-60
0.15mm 0.18mm 0.20mm 0.23mm 0.26mm 0.28mm 0.31mm 0.37mm 0.41mm 0.45mm 0.50mm 0.60mm
1.5kg 2.2kg 2.8kg 3.6kg 4.4kg 5.4kg 6.0kg 8.4kg 10.2kg 12.8kg 14.7kg 20kg
3.4lb 4.9lb 6.3lb 8.0lb 9.9lb 12.1lb 13.4lb 12.8lb 22.9lb 28.7lb 33lb 44.8lb

 Braided Line- Dyneema --

Code Safe load-lb Safe load-kg Dia.-mm
TAXH8x020 27 12 0.2
TAXH8x023 34 15 0.23
TAXH8x025 38 17 0.25
TAXH8x028 43 19 0.28
TAXH8x030 47 21 0.3
TAXH8x035 50 24 0.35
TAXH8x038 60 27 0.38
TAXH8x040 65 29 0.4
TAXH8x045 72 32 0.45
TAXH8x050 76 34 0.5
TAXH8x060 85 38 0.6
TAXH8x070 100 48 0.7
TAXH8x080 1110 52 0.8
TAXH8x090 125 59 0.9
TAXH8x100 139 62 1
TAXBH8-130 150 67 1.3
TAXBH8-180 200 90 1.8
Note rating is based on 90% of the actual break load.


In spool of 500mtr/1000mtr
in one single colour
or with colour band (10mtrs /color)


in spool of 200mtr or 100mtr/spool
and connected in
continuous length into 10spools

in one single colour
or with colour band (10mtrs /color)


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